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The Forge: Harry’s approach to the multi-brand component library
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The Forge: Harry’s approach to the multi-brand component library

Mae Capozzi
Mae Capozzi
Tim Brown
Tim Brown

Design + Development

Exploring collaborations in code

Small Teams

Scrappy systems that work

How a small team built figma.com’s design system

When you don't have a big team a design system can help you do more with less. Here is how we did it at Figma.

Toni Gemayel

Ship side projects faster with micro design systems

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Lessons and learnings on process and management
Matt Bond

Build trust by taking a cross-functional approach

Practical tips learned at Atlassian and Asana to create a more consistent, inclusive, and integrated design system.

Alissa Briggs, Michael Woloszuk, Peter Zogas

Building a design system one brick at a time

At PlanGrid, the key to creating a successful design system was to move in small steps that demonstrated value and motivated institutional change.

Jeremy Dizon

5 tips from an Airbnb designer on maintaining a design system

Having a consistent and transparent processes to ensure our design templates are always up-to-date and accurate is critical. But developing this process was no easy feat.

Getting Started

Perspectives from the pros


Learn about choosing typefaces, font weights, styles, sizes, line-heights, and responsive type for your design system.


Grids, spacing, and layout

Learn how to define baseline grids, column grids, and layouts.



Color is a critical part of any design system. Learn how to keep it constrained, consistent, and meaningful.



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Design Systems Repo

We've been at this a while...

Key moments in design systems
  1. A Pattern Language
    A Pattern Language
  2. Designing Interfaces
    Designing Interfaces
  3. Atomic Design
    Atomic Design
  4. Material Design
    Material Design
  5. Submit a Moment

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