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For our second-ever design systems conference, Schema by Figma went global, making stops in New York, London, and Tokyo, along with a special virtual event. Each city featured a full day of live programming and networking, bringing together a diverse range of speakers, who shared insights and inspiration from their respective design systems practices.

Our third stop was London. Read on to watch talks from the event and be sure to also check out the talks from New York and Tokyo.

Opening Keynote with Jacob Miller, Product Manager at Figma

As design systems grow and evolve, so does the complexity. With complexity comes the need for newer best practices and adoption of more rigorous controls of our system. What can we as designers learn from other disciplines best practices, and how can we adopt them to ensure that our design systems grow in the right way? Read more of Jacob's thoughts on what we can learn from code.

An introduction to the design tokens file format with James Nash of JP Morgan and Louis Chenais of Specify

Design tokens don’t travel well from one tool to another as there’s no standard format, yet. The Design Tokens Community Group (DTCG) is defining a standard design tokens file format, which aims to make sharing design tokens between different tools seamless. In this talk James and Louis will give you an overview of the file format and what it could mean for your design system.

Multidimensional design systems with Patrycja Rozmus of Brainly

How do you connect your product and marketing design to create a seamless omnichannel customer experience? How to ensure that your brand is alive not only on the pages of a brand book? Can design systems improve design decision-making & consistency of the design across the entire company, so even non-designers can create decent designs? Patrycja will take you on a journey to answer those questions and show you how multidimensional design systems can be a great solution to the challenges many organizations face and how they can be the source of innovation!

Research-driven design systems with Brice Fontaine and Jack Roles of Farfetch

Join us for a discussion centering around an internal research report that the team ran to uncover the successes and failures around their existing setup, then using this data to ultimately improve component creation, comprehension, adoption, and release management.

Rebranding, or the subtle art of juggling new and legacy design systems with Gabrielle Houeix and Marion Echevard of Qonto

Rebranding is an inevitable, exciting, yet often feared milestone that all companies have to face. We’re excited to share behind-the-scenes learnings from our experience launching a rebrand in 3 months whilst maintaining two active design systems. This talk will provide insights from both brand and product on how to best translate abstract guidelines into UX/UI principles. Finally, we’ll aim to give tips on how to best structure libraries, production, and delivery to ensure maximum quality.

Navigating complex system updates with Gonzalo Vasquez and Leonie Proske fo Zalando

Zalando is a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle. In such a large scale organization, we are used to dealing with a lot of complexity. For our design system team, this means supporting 50+ teams and counting more than 140k component inserts per week. Updating one core component can require cross library changes while small enhancements have a huge potential to accelerate designers' workflow. Based on one example, we are excited to share how branching, contribution processes and custom built tools help us navigate system updates in close collaboration with embedded teams.

Building an open source design system for the many (many users, many interfaces and many stakeholders) with Ahcène Amrouz and Antoine Puig of Service d'Information du Gouvernement

As a central government organization we had the opportunity to build a Design System for the entire french public sphere. The scale and the nature of our DS forced us to be more open and welcoming of more than 600 designers and developers. In this talks we will display what tools and mechanisms we used for what results and what we learned from this experience.

Virtual Speaker Panel Q&A

Capping off Schema by Figma 2022, four speakers joined us online for a panel and Q&A to discuss trends and what the future holds for design systems. The panel features Patrycja Rozmus, Hiroshi Mendoza, Nathan Curtis, Lauren LoPrete, and hosted by design advocate Hugo Raymond.

Want more design systems content? Check out this year’s talks from New York and Tokyo, and or head to our YouTube channel for 2021 talks. Thanks for joining us!

Schema by Figma

Schema by Figma

Talks and topics from our annual design systems conference

New York

Find out how the Credit Karma team designed a community-driven design system, and more talks from Schema by Figma New York 2022.



Juggling new and legacy systems, stakeholders, multidimensional design systems, and more talks from Schema by Figma London 2022.


東京 Tokyo

Hear how teamLab balances efficiency and invention with their design system, and more talks from Schema by Figma Tokyo 2022.

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