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White-labeling: Putting the design system in users' hands

Mike Fix
Aoni Wang, Hass Lunsford

Building ChimeKit with Atomic Design and a collaborative process

Like any good product or experience, design systems continue to evolve over time. ChimeKit takes care of the mundane parts of building a design system so that designers and developers can spend more time building high-quality experiences.

John Choura

Stack mirroring: Designing for code and coding for design

Take direction from code to achieve functional, reusable, extensible, and version-controlled design systems.

Ryan Seddon

React containers, some assembly required

Introducing react-containers: a new open source library to help elevate no-UI containers, with a focus on accessibility, brought to you by the Zendesk Design Systems team.

“When we reduce mental overhead, teams don’t have to compromise on quality, even while they build and ship features fast.”
John Choura, Happy Money
Stack mirroring: Designing for code and coding for design
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